Immigrants at Central Station

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Title: Greatest day of my life
I could hear my heart pound faster and faster as I walked slowly toward a place where I had gone and played for 3 years now.
But today was different than any other day, some called it the world cup, but for me it was the biggest day of my life, I felt like my life depended on it. My heard pounded even faster as I got close and closer, I could feel the atmosphere building up and mass amount of people talking and laughing together as they were having the best day of their life. But my heart was pounding the most when I saw the gate where I would walk in.
But my heard wasn’t pounding because I was scared or angry but, because this was the world cup and I was part of the national team for the finale. The feeling in my heard, other than the feeling of pounding, is the excitement, anxious, nervous and being part of something. As I walked through the entrance, I thought about what I said to my parents when I was young, standing next to the TV and singing the national anthem with right hand on my left chest, and as the national anthem finished, I said “one day I will do the same as my heroes, okay mum? “And my mum giving me a nod as see smiled and watched on.
I got a little teary as I remembered the thoughts as I walked slowly toward a seat and tried to bring everything together and calm down from which was going to be a dream come true. As I sat down I thought of another thought of me and my brother playing, as we played he would get angry and I would go around him and help him, support him, thinking the thought helped me calm down and made me know how much I missed being with them.
Thinking about my family gave me a great boost and help me to calm my nerves, as I got up my best friend and also the person who I had lived with for 3 years said “common boy we can do this” as he said…...

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