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Impact Paper

When I came to the U.S.A from the India. I experienced a lot of difficulty in communicating my point across in English. I joined Managerial communication class to improve my communication skills. Professor taught the different aspects of speaking, writing and presenting things in the most effective manner. After Class, I found myself in a better shape. I have improved my communication skills, and my professor taught us the right way to improve it every day by ourselves. After this class, I am able to speak, write, and present things in a better way. Now I am more confident in getting my point across. Earlier I was afraid before speaking in English. As I used to think if I would speak, I might commit a mistake and this will spoil my reputation. This fear had kept me away from many challenging opportunities. I could not make more and more friends, as I could not speak properly. My life was very dull and depressing. But this class has changed my life by giving me an easy way out to learn and speak. As a part of the curriculum, I had to write few Reflection Papers that improved my writing skills a lot. And in order to write a good reflection paper, I had to read a lot that helped to improve my reading skills as well. And I had to give an individual presentation that was a great learning experience for me. It is not that, I never gave presentation before but this time it was different in experience. I was able to see myself giving presentation, as my professor recorded my video while I was presenting. That helped me to figure out, where I need to improve.
Now my English speaking skills have improved. I feel confident. This course has really helped me in building my personality and I am much more confident now, as I was never before. My purpose for this course has been solved and I am very happy to finish this course successfully. My aim was to learn…...

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