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Free business plan workbook

This workbook asks you many questions. The more you answer the more you understand of your new business.

If some questions do not fit to your kind of business - just delete them.
If you miss important questions - then insert them. The workbook is that flexible.

You are the one in charge of developing your new business.

A business plan

A business plan is a description of the firm you are to establish and a plan for how to run and develop it. The plan will gather up the threads from all your other preparations and in this way guarantee that you get around all aspects at business start.

A business plan is also a basis for negotiations with the bank and possibly business connections to convince them to give credit or a loan. It can also help you to convince family/ friends/ partners that it is a serious plan to start your own business.

Follow the chronology of the workbook and you will bit by bit build your own business plan.

The Dynamic Business Plan – the book behind the workbook

|This workbook is short and concrete. To benefit fully from the workbook and to make sure you |[pic] |
|cover all aspect of your start-up, you should read the book: The Dynamic Business Plan. | |
|The book explains all the questions asked in the workbook. | |
| | |
|OBS: This month the book can be bought for as little as 10 us dollars – or same price in your | |
|currency. You receive it right away by an attachment to an e-mail sent to you. | |

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...EXPORT STRATEGIES AVAILABLE TO FIRMS INTERNATIONALISING This report gives an insight into exporting, its definitions and other international business transactions, it goes on discussing the different strategies available to a firm internationalizing for the first time, and these include both direct and indirect strategies available, and provides examples of firms that use export strategies. It also gives the advantages and disadvantages of such strategies. At the end of the report it provides a conclusion and recommendations to what strategies a firm can adopt depending on the situation. 2.0 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND The most conventional forms of international business transactions are international trade and investment. International trade refers to an exchange of products and services across borders. Exchange can be through exporting, importing or countertrade. Exporting is an entry strategy involving the sale of products and services to customers located abroad from the home base or third country. Importing is the buying of products abroad and bringing them to the home market. Countertrade is a business transaction where all or partial payments are made in kind rather than cash. Both finished and intermediate goods, such as raw materials and components are subject to trade. While on the other hand international investment refers to the transfer of assets to another country, or acquisition of assets in that country through foreign direct investment and contractual...

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...EXPORT PROCESS FLOW, PROCEDURE AND DOCUMENTATION Revised on November 10, 2005 Prepared By: Policy & Planning Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority Ministry of Industries, Production & Special Initiatives Government of Pakistan HEAD OFFICE LAHORE REGIONAL OFFICE SINDH REGIONAL OFFICE NWFP REGIONAL OFFICE BALOCHISTAN 6th Floor, L.D.A Plaza, Egerton Road Lahore-54792 Tel: 111-111-456 Fax: (042) 6304926 5th Floor, Bahria Complex 2, M.T.Khan Road, Karachi Tel: (021) 111-111-456 Fax: (021) 5610572 Ground floor State Life Building The Mall, Peshawar Tel: (091) 9213046-47 Fax: (091) 286908 Bungalow No. 15-A Chaman Housing Scheme Airport Road, Quetta. Tel: (081) 2831702/2831623 Fax: (081) 2831922 Export Process Flow, Procedure & Documentation Policy & Planning INDEX 1. Introduction to SMEDA 02 2. Role of Policy and Planning 02 3. Flow Chart 03 4. Introduction 05 5. Selection of a Product 05 6. Opening of an Office 05 7. Registration for Export 05 8. Selection of Market 05 9. Quoting a Price 06 10.Signing of a Contract 06 11.Terms of Delivery 06 12.Financing for Exports 07 13.Packing 07 14.Transport 07 15.Insurance 07 16.Documentation 07 17.Post Shipment Documents 08 18.How to Claim Duty...

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