Importance of a College Education

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Importance of a college degree
“A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life.” said Reverend Edward A. Malloy, Monk's Reflections. With the economy in such a rut, the best investment people can make is getting a college degree. The unemployment rate for college graduates was just 2.2 percent last year, half the unemployment level of those with only high school diplomas. (Clark, 2008) Even though college fees are expensive having a college degree is a valuable investment because job quality is better with a degree and society benefits as well as the individual.
Having a college degree is a valuable investment when looking for a job. Having a college degree increases one’s knowledge, education and learning ability. Dealing with other employees can be difficult at times, college gives you the tools to deal with difficult situations and people. Some other tools would be critical thinking, and learning how to analyze different situations from a different point of view. A college education can help improve someone’s self esteem. One could keep there head up when the economy hits a rut, because they may have the knowledge to move up in a company. Or, if they loose there job they may have the education that is needed for the next job they apply for.
Job quality is a little better also. A college degree can make a person look more appealing to a possible employer. Having a college degree increases one’s potential income. Someone with a college degree can earn up to $20,000 more a year than people with a high school diploma. (Clark, 2008) One would also have a sense of job security within the company they worked for. Many companies will help with college fees to continue with a higher education. Most employers will offer health benefits also. A career is often obtained with a college degree.
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