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Combined heat and power (CHP) can offer a variety of economic benefits for large energy users. The economic benefits of CHP can include: * Reduced energy costs: The high efficiency of CHP technology can result in energy savings when compared to conventional, separately purchased power and onsite thermal energy systems. To determine if CHP is likely to offer a compelling return on investment at a particular site, the costs of the CHP system (capital, fuel, and maintenance) should be compared to the costs of purchased power and thermal energy (hot water, steam, or chilled water) that would otherwise be needed for the site. * Offset capital costs: CHP can be installed in place of boilers or chillers in new construction projects, or when major heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment needs to be replaced or updated. * Protection of revenue streams: Through onsite generation and improved reliability, CHP can allow businesses and critical infrastructure to remain online in the event of a disaster or major power outage. Determining the economic value of CHP as backup power is explored in the white paper, Calculating Reliability Benefits. * Hedge against volatile energy prices: CHP can provide a hedge against unstable energy prices by allowing the end user to supply its own power during times when prices for electricity are very high. In addition, a CHP system can be configured to accept a variety of feedstocks (e.g., natural gas, biogas, coal, biomass) for fuel; therefore, a facility could build in fuel switching capabilities to hedge against high fuel prices.
Analyzing Economic Feasibility
The economic benefits of any CHP project are dependent on efficient design, fuel and offset electricity costs, and capital costs. The value of these benefits will depend on the needs and goals of the investor. A feasibility analysis to determine the…...

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...Eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits a) This is important because we get many vitamins and minerals from these food groups. We need these micronutrients to perform and regulate many different functions in the body. We also get some energy from sugar and starch. Each type of fruit and vegetable gives us different nutrients, so we should make sure to eat several serves each day of different ones. We can also get some fibre from legumes, and a little from other vegetables and fruit. Fibre helps us avoid constipation, decreases our risk of colo-rectal cancer, slows down the absorption of sugar and is good for the health of our GI tract. a) I did not eat enough fruit or vegetables. On one of the days I ate no vegetables at all, and on the other two days I ate only two or three serves of salad. The guidelines tell me that I should eat five serves of vegetables each day. I ate one piece of fruit every day, but I should eat two so this isn’t enough. b) I hate vegetables so I rarely eat them. I do eat some kinds of salad (e.g. tabbouleh) but I can’t stand cooked vegetables. My family doesn’t eat vegetables as part of our diet, so there is no encouragement for me to eat them. I like fruit and I make sure to eat it every day because I know it’s a healthier snack than chocolate or crisps, but I didn’t know that I should eat two serves every day....

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...Important Ideas Katrina Doughty Microeconomics- 4 ECO 3028-4 Select the top ten (10) most important ideas / concepts you learned in chapters 27& 28 of your textbook. Chapter 27: 1. Two basics forms of government regulation of business is economic and social regulation. I can’t think of how economic regulations affect me, but I do have friends that are affected because in order for them to enter a business they must have a license like working in a hair salon or becoming a lawyer. Social regulation affects me because I have to have a permit in order to carry a weapon. 2. Bundling is when you get two or more products for sale as a full set. When I bargain stop I look for deals and I receive my living room suit that was a seven piece for under $2000 dollars. 3. Natural monopoly occurs when a firm can supply the entire market lower price than two or more firms. This affects me because look to get the lower prices, but the goods or service has great quality. You cable television, trash collections, electric power are examples of natural monopoly. 4. Antitrust laws- One case of antitrust laws that I u because use is Microsoft because they bundled their Microsoft internet explorer with Microsoft Windows products. Antitrust is in place to protect the consumers and small businesses. 5. Relevant Product Market is determined by the demand-side, supply-side, and potential competition. This affects me because I tend to switch......

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...single most important flaw in this study’s design or interpretation. The experimenter gets to decide what words a preschooler should know • In your own words, describe how the study could be improved to eliminate the weaknesses (or at least the major flaw). Let a preschool teacher say what words a preschooler should know Study 2: Learning to Share • What is the broad goal of the study? Too see the effects of prosocial TV on sharing behavior among preschool children • What is wrong with the study? The professor assigned the children to groups and rated their behaviour • In your own words, describe the single most important flaw in this study’s design or interpretation. That he put kids who watched the prosocial tv in the same groups • In your own words, describe how the study could be improved to eliminate the weaknesses (or at least the major flaw). Study 3: Sleep and Academic Performance • What is the broad goal of the study? • What is wrong with the study? • In your own words, describe the single most important flaw in this study’s design or interpretation. • In your own words, describe how the study could be improved to eliminate the weaknesses (or at least the major flaw). Study 4: Language Instruction • What is the broad goal of the study? • What is wrong with the study? • In your own words, describe the single most important flaw in......

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...Important Technology Whether your are a man or woman, adult or child; we all use technology. Technology is used at home, at work and at school. In Robin Abrams' speech “Looking at Technology Through Women’s Eyes” (1995) She says “There are no women CEOs running major computer manufacturing companies around the world, and only a few at the helm of software companies.” I have to agree with her as to her, it is extremely difficult to find balance between personal and professional responsibilities. These challenges will always exist for women with families. And I believe most woman would always work a less demanding position to ease the balance. If I had to choose which technology I could not live without, it would have to be my cell phone. I no longer have a land line. Therefore, my cell phone is my only source of communication with my family, my boys' teachers and co-workers/bosses. What worries me about our dependency on some technology, is if you had to go back to the day that certain technology did exist like GPS would you remember how to use a map? If you were at the library and the computer system there was down, would you remember how to use the card catalog? I'm sure there are some people who don't even know what a card catalog is. With all that being said I do not think I could live off the grid. Maybe for a week or two vacation. But not for any longer then that. Going off the grid would be good because it would force one to get back in touch......

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...orientation (EO), leaving its interrelationship with internal characteristics aside. We argue that EO captures an important aspect of the way a firm is organized. Our findings suggest that knowledge-based resources (applicable to discovery and exploitation of opportunities) are positively related to firm performance and that EO enhances this relationship. Copyright  2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. INTRODUCTION Resource-based theories of strategy (RBV) argue that firms with valuable, rare, and inimitable resources (including nonsubstitutability) have the potential of achieving superior performance (e.g., Barney, 1991, 1995). Resources are inputs into a firm’s production process (Barney, 1991) and can be separated into those that are knowledgebased and those that are property-based (Miller and Shamsie, 1996). Property-based resources typically refer to tangible input resources, whereas knowledge-based resources are the ways in which Key words: knowledge; resources; entrepreneurial orientation; discovery; exploitation *Correspondence to: Johan Wiklund, Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, Stockholm School of Economics, PO Box 6501, SE 113-83 Stockholm, Sweden. Copyright  2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. firms combine and transform these tangible input resources (Galunic and Rodan, 1998). Knowledgebased resources may be particularly important for providing sustainable competitive advantage, because they are inherently difficult to imitate,......

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...dust proof and properly guarded. The electrical installations must be done under the supervision of a qualified electrical engineer. f) Proper separation of solvent from the mixture of matter A mixture of water and solvent comes out form the water-cooled condensers. Generally, water solvent separators further separate the water and solvent. Due to inefficient design of the separator or inefficiency of the operator, the water coming out may contain a higher percentage of solvent.The draining of such a water-solvent mixture can again be a source of hazard. Sometimes a boiler is provided through which this water-solvent mixture is passed before a final discharge. g) Instrumentation For any process control instruments play a very important role. In the case of solvent extraction plants the temperature and the [pressures are very critical. Any malfunctioning of the control instruments can cause a serious damage. 4.0 OBSERVED DATA Weight of empty thimble, X1 = 5.174 gm Weight of (thimble + oil cake), X2 = 34.4 gm Weight of empty round bottom flask, Y1 = 125.458 gm Weight of (round bottom flask + n-Hexane), Y2 = 214.319 gm Weight of conical flask, Z1 = 122.435 gm After distillation: Weight of (conical flask + n-Hexane recovered), Z2 = 179.963 gm Weight of (oil+ round bottom flask), Y3 = 127.451 gm Table-1:Tabulated observed data Weight of empty thimble, X1 gm | Weight of (thimble + oil cake), X2 gm | Weight of empty round bottom ......

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...reaches the "performing" stage, hard work leads directly to progress towards the shared vision of their goal, supported by the structures and processes that have been set up. Individual team members may join or leave the team without affecting the performing culture. As leader, you are able to delegate much of the work and can concentrate on developing team members. Being part of the team at this stage feels "easy" compared with earlier on. Project teams exist only for a fixed period, and even permanent teams may be disbanded through organizational restructuring. As team leader, your concern is both for the team's goal and the team members. Breaking up a team can be stressful for all concerned and the "adjourning" or "mourning" stage is important in reaching both team goal and personal conclusions. The break up of the team can be hard for members who like routine or who have developed close working relationships with other team members, particularly if their future roles or even jobs look uncertain. Conflict resolution modes [pic] Compete (I win - You lose) Competitive style negotiators pursue their own needs - yes, even when this means others suffer. They usually don't want to cause others to suffer and lose, they are just so narrowly focused on their shorter term gains that they plunder obliviously through negotiations like a pirate. They often use whatever power and tactics they can muster, including their personality, position, economic threats, brand......

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