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1. Aparna Tilak
Aparna Tilak is an actress and model born in India. She graduated from the St. Xaviers College and after finishing school, she began pursuing her career as a model. Her first major breaks in the modeling industry included working for worldwide companies such as Pepsi, Head `n Shoulders, Coca Cola and many more.

Her first role in the movie industry was in „Family No. 1”, a very popular soap opera centered on families created by Sony Entertainment media. She played Rashmi, a character obsessed with keeping her beauty. Her role in this TV series brought her many other contracts in the television industry, since her talent began to be recognized by the audience and by the critics.

After the success with “Family No. 1”, Aparna Tilak became well known in the film industry and soon she received a role in Zee Television. The way she played “Koi Apna Sa” in this TV series turned her into one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry. She had another huge success with “Footpath” and she is currently starring in “Jeet”. Although she was offered many roles in Bollywood soap operas, she declined them, as she searches for important roles that will make her stand out in the crowd of female actresses.

Aparna Tilak is married to a man 12 years older than her and has a teenage son from this marriage.

2. Aparna Dixit
Aparna Dixit is an Indian born actress that started out as a model and only recently became one of the most popular actresses in the Indian movie industry. She was born on October 20th 1991 and completed her education for the secondary school in Agra, her hometown.

Aparna Dixit majored in Physics at the Maitreyi University in New Delhi, India and she currently resides in Mumbai. Her career in the modeling industry quickly paved her way into the film industry, where she currently works.

After completing her secondary and…...

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