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Individual Activity Report
Reports and Presentations
Course Code: COMM28883
Submitted by: Jaspreet Singh
Submitted to: Margaret Mercer
Date: October 08, 2015

DATE: October 08, 2015
TO: Margaret Mercer
FROM: Jaspreet Singh
SUBJECT: Weekly Activity Report (09/27/2015 – 10/03/2015)

I came to know about you being the new manager of the gas station. Being a front desk cashier, I present the activity reports on the weekly basis. My job duties include (a) handling cash, (b) maintaining the gas station along with the convenience store attached to it, (c) ordering and receiving stock. Sales of the previous week illustrated a good picture of the working of the gas station. The average sales per day ranged from 9,000 litres- 10,000 litres. Due to the rise in the fuel prices, the sales revenue increased. The gas station hit the target of 10,560 litres sale in a day.
On Tuesday, the gas tank was cleaned and the pump filter was replaced. Inventory was ordered and received for the convenience store on Wednesday. The fire extinguisher inspection was conducted on Thursday. The gas prices in the market were observed on the regular basis and the prices were set accordingly. The competitors’ prices were also considered for pricing the gas.
Technical glitch in the fuel dispenser
On Wednesday, the meter of the fuel dispenser stopped working which led to temporary shutdown of the gas station for four hours. The mechanic was called and the problem was fixed.
* Leak-detection machine needs to be fixed * 2 fuel dispensers need nozzle replacement * 1 water tap in the washroom needs to be replaced * Installation of fire extinguishers in the convenience store area

Overall, the new coupon scheme introduced by the gas station has been able to attract customers. The gas station worked smoothly throughout the week and a new sales target was…...

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