Individual or Small Group Student Projects

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Individual or Small Group Student Projects
Contacting Community Partners

When contacting an outside organization about a service-learning project, you want to make sure to maintain a professional attitude. So how do you make the first call? Below follows a possible introduction to use when calling and making that first contact with an agency of your choice.

Hello, my name is _______________________. I am presently enrolled in a ___________course at [name of campus]. My [instructor or Student Success Lead] gave me your name and number. I am very interested in doing a service-learning project for your agency. I want to apply the _________skills I am learning in my _________class to the volunteer position. When can I meet with you to discuss this further?

If you have to leave a message, don’t be discouraged. Because many nonprofit and community agencies are understaffed, they might not return your call right away. Persistence is important in regards to making contacts and starting your service experience.

More Communication Tips:
When speaking to the site supervisor… * Ask about the organization’s volunteer policies and training guidelines. It is possible that you need to fill out additional paperwork with their agency as well as the GU/MSB/UCC paperwork. * Explain the course objectives (provided in your course syllabus) and tell them that you have __ service-learning hours to fulfill for your course. * Tell them your availability. What times are best to contact you? When will you be available to work onsite? * Keep detailed notes.

Voicemail Messages: * Speak clearly and slowly, state your full name and phone number * Tell them your purpose (if this is the first contact—see above script) * Tell them the best available time to reach you. * Repeat your name and phone number before hanging up.

Email messages: *…...

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