Ineffective Job Advertisement

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Justification of Ineffective Advertisement
Excessive details about the job or area
An ineffective advertisement will reveal too much details and information about the job. This is crucial to allow the candidate to spark interest as divulging too much information will potentially remove interest in the job.
Too many words, keep it simple
Another common characteristic for ineffective advertisement is too many words. Cluttered advertisements will be very boring and will make candidates ignore such advertisements. On the other hand, simple and striking advertisements tend to leave a deeper impression on candidates.
Old fashioned layout and uncreative designs
Creative designs and attractive layouts will compel human desire to work at a environment that is vibrant and healthy. Which in turn attracts a lot of interested candidates. People tend to look down or look away when it comes to uninviting designs.
Uninspiring, boring descriptions of roles and ideal candidates
People looking for jobs usually will judge a company by the advertisement, with boring, uninspiring descriptions in the advertisement, candidates will not be inspired or motivated to know more about the roles and thus, reduce possible ideal candidates.
Too much emphasis on the job and not enough on the person
Putting too much emphasis on the job, will make candidate feel they are left out, and be convinced that the organisation is more to looking for someone to just fill in the vacant jobs, rather than finding the ideal and most suitable candidate for the job.
Too much emphasis on what you want, and not enough of what can be offered.
Being a job seeker, they usually would ask for what can the organisation offer them, but in this case, if you put too much focus on what you want from them, they would feel that the organisation is not sincere in hiring them, and would not be expected to approach the…...

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