Influences in the Teaching Environment

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Influences in the Teaching Environment
Joe Hypes
August 1, 2013

Influences in the Teaching Environment A classroom can be influenced by an infinite amount of behaviors, activities, and personalities. Specifically, negative behaviors can influence and take your classroom in a direction that teachers and students alike do not want to go. Preventing, recognizing, and redirecting negative behaviors can keep the class running smoothly. Through research, talking with teachers, and my own personal experience as a substitute teacher, I have identified what I feel to be 10 common negative influences in the classroom. When a teacher is able to identify negative behaviors quickly, they can redirect and stop the behavior before it becomes a serious problem. Inattentiveness is a negative behavior that every teacher has experienced at one time or another, myself included. Inattentiveness can take many different forms, such as sleeping, daydreaming, and idleness (Sun & Shek, 2012). While inattentiveness usually does not affect others learning, it is still a negative influence in the classroom. If one student is able to get away with, the rest believe they may as well. One way to avoid inattentiveness is to keep students engaged. Kounin’s approach to classroom management would work in this instance. Kounin’s approach outlines that keeping students engaged by presenting lessons that draw a student’s interest and keep students accountable by asking questions (Charles & Senter, 2011). If students know they are going to be called on, they are more likely to pay attention. If the problem is not enough sleep, that is a situation that should be discussed with parents. In my experience, when I suspect the issue is something at home, I discuss it with the school counselor and let her take it from there. Another negative behavior that can influence the teaching…...

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...Ten different types of negative classroom conditions and/ or disruptive behaviors that influence the teaching environment will be identified. Each type of negative classroom condition and/ or disruptive behaviors will be clearly described as well as any strategies applied to promote a safe and positive environment conducive to learning. In turn, the effectiveness of particular strategies within the classroom management system will be concluded. The classroom condition considered rather negative for the learners and educators is when the classroom does not encourage order. It is essential for an educator to be able to see each student and assign seats that avoid any mischief, disruptive verbal behavior, unsafe environment, as well as giving the educator the free range to move around the entire classroom so every learner is visible from several different angles in the room. If there are computers in the room the educator should be able to see what the student may access online. This can be done simply by facing the screens in a visible direction usually along a back wall so the educator can view any content. This can simply be done by arranging the desks in a circle or a horseshoe to prevent less talking and horse play. The educator’s desk would be off to the side behind the students along with a separate work table in another area of the room. If there is group work each student can move to their correct group and work in a common area with minimal distractions. With the......

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...night or extra time on the computer. Student also loves to verbally praise in front of peers and family member. Another way to change disruptive behavior is the teacher should look at how they are engaging their students. Student will find ways to engage themselves if they are not gasping what the lessons is about, this is where disruptive behavior begins. Some student are visual, auditory or tactile, which means visual learner learn by seeing the information, auditory learners learn from listen to the information and tactile learners learn from participating in the lesson. Teachers have to learn that every student is not the same and they have to tap into the learning curve of every student. Teachers need to find a way to change their teaching styles to engage student, instead of the student being bored and causing disruption in the classroom. Teachers need to engage with the students, which mean learn their names and what their interest are. Display through your achievements that you are willing to listen to their opinions and that you are dedicated to their learning. You have to the example of behavior that you require of them. Parents should take part in helping teachers control disruptive behavior in their child. Parents should find ways at home to help decrease the factors behind the behavior. Parents should make expectation clear, give choices and stick to them, make transition at home clear, like dinner to bedtime and when every expectation is followed the......

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