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Information Use Paper Tyler Claire CIS/319 University of Phoenix Facilitator John Ziah October 19, 2012

Information Use Paper The executive summary has critical information Technology. The bullets the author will discuss are as followed. Identifying and describing ways information technology is used in organization today and techniques on organization flow. The organization the author chose is BILO supermarket. The author will describe the software’s organization uses to be safe. Information technology has become a vital and integral part of organization today. Multinational Corporation maintains mainstream mainframe systems to small businesses that hold single computer in role play ("Information Technology & Its Role of Modern Organization", 2012). Information system managements empower organization to perpetually store and receive data. The system is use to for storing product and customer information for businesses. System varies by the size of the organization. These systems make life easier, organization moves at a faster pace, and makes business are more structured. Types of systems are customer information system, product information system, and employee information system. Customer information system is imperative to organization keeping track of customer is vital to organization success. Company stores customer information for marketing purposes email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers to inform customer of a new product line. Organization keep track of customer spending and knows what target market spends the most money. Customer database is unnecessary for small business, most small businesses keep track on order-by-order basis (Types of Information Systems in a Business Organization, 2012). Product information system is significant to organization for…...

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