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P. Kapur
Adviser, RITES and A. K. M. Sharma
General Manager, Marketing & Client Services, RITES.
RITES Journal 22.1 July 2009
Indian Infrastructure : Role of RITES
Much of the industrialized world is currently in the grip of recession due to the ongoing global financial crises (GFC) – allegedly triggered by the subprime mortgage crisis of USA in 2007. According to some analysts the recession is the worst since the great depression of 1930s. The world output and trade is forecast to shrink in
2009 – the first such contraction since the end of World War II. The recession is inflicting job losses and wealth loss on an unprecedented scale.
In an era of globalization, the GFC has impacted the economies of practically all countries in varying degrees and India is no exception. After a long spell of growth, the Indian economy is experiencing a downturn. Industrial growth is faltering, the current account deficit is widening, foreign exchange reserves are depleting and the
Rupee is depreciating. There is gloom in the job market and stock markets have registered a sharp downward spiral.
RITES - the Infrastructure People. The
Company has come a long way from its inception in 1974 and, apart from India, has operated in 62 countries. The Authors, who have a wide experience in international consultancy, have forcefully brought out the present spread of its consultancy areas and as also its road map for the future. RITES’ contribution in the infrastructure sector has also been highlighted. A must read for all interested in infrastructure consultancy both in India and abroad.
- Editor
22.2 Indian Infrastructure : Role of RITES
India’s growth is constrained by inadequate infrastructure. Building roads, ports, railways, power plants and laying thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cables to enable high bandwidth…...

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