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Insanity runs deep within one’s veins; it travels at such a fast speed that one does not realize. It claws and screams from within, begging to be freed, begging to be released so it can corrupt. So it can corrupt and destroy and simply ruin the beauty in the world. You see, if Insanity was left loose into the world, then Insanity would ruin even the most innocent of things. For example, imagine Insanity to be a person. A person with two arms, two legs, hands and feet; a person with blood pulsing through thick veins and capillaries and breathing life into lungs—a person with a beating heart, eyes like the darkest oceans in this world as this person stares and stalks. Do you see that person? Can you picture that person perfectly? Can you picture that person standing tall in the falling, peaceful snow dressed in black, watching carefully? Can you? Can you feel the person’s breath tickling down your throat as they step closer, as fingers wrap around your throat and slowly but surely squeeze. Like I said, slowly at first… so slow, so gentle, you can’t really notice it; you don’t panic, you relax. Your lips part and your head tips back a little, eyes locking with theirs, question filling your irises. But then you feel it, you feel the hatred running through your veins, intoxicating your mind and your heart and ruining every single cell in that what was once innocent body of yours. You feel Insanity taking over and you cannot stop it because the rush, the taste, the vision of it all is simply too delicious and fascinating for you to stop. So you simply let it be and you enjoy as every second passes, as you hear every snowflake hit the ground, as your eyes roll into the back of your head.
Insanity takes over in just a few seconds, but once it is inside, it can never leave. Insanity claws at your flesh, trying to hide itself deep into your bones. Once…...

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...Steps to prove insanity Mr. Dents had been following Uma Opee for several months and in reading his journal at the beginning one could mistake him for being completely sane. When his journal was read further it clearly had unstableness of mental illness written all of over it. The defense could hire a mental health expert or what attorney’s call upon the most in these types of situations, a psychiatrist, to conduct test. These tests will be evaluating and interviewing the defendants in the case also. We can also make sure that we are differentiating the mental illness from any other behavioral or psychiatric problems that Mr. Dents may have. We have to make sure the Mr. Dents did not understand his actions and those they were illegal. While proving diminished capacity we also have to apply the M’Naghten Rule to see if Mr. Dents knew right from wrong prior and during the events of the crime. We can even employ irresistible impulse test to give more credibility to the insanity defense. To gain a greater opportunity of proof of Mr. Dents mental health problems, the Model Penal Code Test as well. All of these step could very well lead Mr. Dents into a guilty but mentally ill verdict. This will then allow him to be found guilty but placed in a mental care facility instead or in exchange for time behind bars. Schmalleger, F., Hall, D. E., & Dolatowski, J.J. (2010). Criminal law today: An introduction with capstone cases....

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