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In 1968 a chemist Gordon E. Moore and a physicist Robert Noyce who co-invented the integrated circuit, left the company named Fairfield Semiconductor and founded what became Intel. Intel was incorporated in California in 1968 and re-incorporated in Delaware in 1989. Intel developed x86, microprocessors for personal computer the leading PC microprocessor. These include 8086,386, 486, Pentium and the newest Quad Core and i7 processors. Intel processors are faster than their competitor’s (AMD) like processor but it cost more. Later they hired Andy Grove and several other researcher to help them.

Andy Grove later became CEO in 1987; Grove was very demanding and expects high expectation from everyone. Grove was detailed oriented, pushed hard to measure everything and was constantly looking for ways to drive down costs and speed up development process. He became Intel’s strategic planner by discipline, and pushed people to their limits to get things done. By 1999 Intel has become one of the biggest and best known businesses in the world.
Intel’s growth happened in a number of clear phases. It began with excellence in semiconductor manufacturing, with SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) chips its main product. Intel improved its manufacturing processes and expanded its product line throughout the 1970'a, growing its business to new levels.
Intel had created the worlds' first microprocessor (Intel 4004) in 1971, and an early microcomputer in 1972, but DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) chips, successors to the SRAM chips, were its strength through the early 1980's But companies in Japan pushed their own DRAM chips, reducing profits in the DRAM market by 1983. Intel's CEO, Andy Grove, saw IBM's personal computer success as a new opportunity. Intel shifted its focus to microprocessors, and intended major changes to the…...

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...Intel Company Overview Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore were among the eight founders of Fairfield Semiconductor in the late 1950’s. While at Fairchild Moore & Noyce decided to branch out on their own and start a company developing large scale integrated circuits. Noyce wrote a one page business plan that attracted an investor named Art Rock, who was also at Fairchild. Rock was able to sell their vision to other investors and raised 2.5 million dollars in only two days. Together with this money they started Intel in 1968 and within the first two years they developed the first micro processor, as well as the first erasable programmable memory. This helped the company earn their first million dollars by 1973 and their first billion by 1983. In the early 90’s Intel CEO was Andrew Grove, also from Fairchild, he created Intel Inside Campaign that helped the Intel brand grow to the third most valuable in the world. Controlling 85% of the market Intel was the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world with plants in Europe, Asia and the United States. By the early 21st century, Intel's microprocessors were found in more than 80 percent of personal computers worldwide. Then-CEO Craig Barrett attempted to diversify the company's business beyond semiconductors, but few of these activities were ultimately successful. Intel remained competitive through a combination of clever marketing, well-supported research and development, superior manufacturing proficiency, and a vital......

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