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MEMO TO: Supervisory Team

We all are aware of the current changes that are going to be taking place within InterClean in the next few weeks. That means as managers we have to make sure our employees are staying just as productive as they were before the merger was announced. So we need to continue to set clear expectations for our staff and that starts with our management team.

We must realize that the behaviors that we illustrate to our staff are crucial in a time where there are concerns about layoffs, replacements, and terminations. Going forth, our supervisory team is no longer allowed to discuss their concerns of the merger amongst our subordinates. Even though we are not entirely clear on what is going to happen, we do not want to discourage our employees from doing their job. This issue has raised a lot of havoc and concern within our department, de-motivating the morale of our staff. With all employees being evaluated absentees and turnovers are the last thing this department needs, because it is costing InterClean millions of dollars in lost training and productivity. Our behaviors as managers affect our staff greatly because they mimic our drive, passion, loyalty, and trust in this company therefore we need to make sure we are setting a great example.

Also this coming Friday, February 5th I would like to hold a department meeting. In this meeting our team will discuss the best practices in working within a diverse work environment. As we merge with Enviro-Tech in the weeks to come we will notice that InterClean will become more diverse within our staff as well as with our clientele. A key source of problems in mergers, acquisitions, and strategic international alliances are differences in corporate culture. Working with different cultures may differ from the way employees are expected to behave as well as treat one another. Some good practices…...

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