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All Questions are Compulsory. The first five questions shall be of 16 marks each and the last question shall be of 20 marks. Q.1 a) Why would many City vision stockholders sell for cash rather than Blockbuster stock? b) What are the major reasons for the differences in attitude? Q.2 a) Evaluate the different ways in which Bata has interacted with foreign political systems in its investments and operations abroad. b) Should Pizza Hut put more of its efforts in expanding in Brazil or somewhere in South East Asia? Why? Q.3 a) What factors threaten India’s future competitive positions in cashew nut productions? b) Should the United States seek to tighten the economic grip on cube? If so, how should it be done? Q.4 a) What are the different scenarios that Crystal Lake Manufacturing could face in the future? What should be their strategies, given the different scenarios? b) Relate Simon’s process of international expansion with company’s usual internationalized process. Q.5 a) How has the fall in the peso affected illusion? How do you think it will affect them in the future?

b) What are the major options available to Nissan in the week yen environment? Q.6 a) In the interest of the United States, should federal restrictions be placed on the foreign acquisition of real estate? b) From an Indian standpoint, evaluate the government restrictions of FDI. c) What actions can shell take to quell criticism about its operations in Nigeria?…...

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...As it is known that the altered amount of ethical standards need both the individuals and firms to agree in keeping moral principles. The firm ethics compasses both principles along with standards which guide the attitude in the business environment. Perception indeedly affects the ethical standards and form business behavior. Here's an example, in America unethical standards in firms causes a one in five to witness this in the previous six months (LRN, 2009). This is due to the Western world is very independent in their ideas, becoming competitive, and will do absolutely what ever it takes to gain success. The culture affects ethical standards and form firm behavior in many distinct ways. For example, bribing, this is somthing which is very usual in many countries. In most countries assignment can only be put to work only if bribing the person. There are also various firms which do not agree on bribing and also consider this to be highly unethical in business, then consider it also quite difficult to continue in negociation with other firms from those countries. many of the causes of bribery in their area are due to the fact that government officals receive an absolutely low salary. “Further, lucrative positions are "sold" at different rates depending on the bribe getting potential of the posts. So if an official has 'purchased' a post he feels that it is his right to ask for bribes” (Shaw, 2010). Being part of a corrupt international negation transaction is something......

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Internation Trade might be more greatly realized, especially in the future. 6-Porter’s determinants of national competitive advantage Michael Porter identified four determinants of national competitive advantage (Porter 1992) 1- Factor Conditions The situation in a country regarding production factors, like skilled labor, infrastructure, etc., which are relevant for competition in particular industries. 2- Demand Conditions A national’s competitive advantage is increased if there is strong local demand for the goods. 3- Related and supporting industries To be competitive, a country needs to have a network of linked industries. 4- Firm strategy, structure and rivalry The strategies adopted by business need to fit with the national culture and approach to business. B-Economic integration It is a term used to describe all of the various regional trade agreements. Different regional trade agreements determine different types of economic integration: * Free Trade Area (FTA): removes tariffs among members, members retain own trade policies toward others * Customs Union (CU): FTA and common trade policy toward others * Common Market (CM): CU and elimination of intra-market factor of production movements * Economic Union (EU): CM and full integration of member economies (common policy) * Political Union: EU and political integration 1-Regional trade agreements and MNEs MNEs developed as a result of regional trade agreements and......

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...Executive Summary In today’s business environment, the economic boundaries become blurred because of the rapid development of technology which shortens the distance between countries. As different countries have different culture, language, political, geographical and economic factors, we should know how to take advantages from other countries to maintain competitiveness to gain success in the global marketplace (Rothenberg LE 2003). GARSON Corporation is one of the most famous automobile accessories companies in Japan and it already expanded its business to United State as the first step of internationalization. In this report, we are going to explore the possibilities of expanding business in China. The report includes the analysis of the existing automobile accessories market in China, and the country analysis from different perspectives is used to see if China is a good environment to expand the business in it. It is then recommended with the internationalization process, market entry strategy, human resources management strategy in investing in China. All the analysis can help GARSON to confirm its move to investing in China as its 2nd country for business expansion. It also raises some points for GARSON to pay attention to when investing in China. 1. Company Background GARSON Corporation is an automotive accessories company which is originated in Japan. It is established in July 1990 and is dedicated to research and development of high-grade automobile......

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...FedEx Corporation Strategic Management Project Prepared for: DR. Robert Ch. Wood BUSINESS 189 – Strategic Management Prepared by: SAN JOSE CONSULTING GROUP: Billy CRANE Brad LANDTHORN Bob MIRI Jeremy RELPH Chris SANCHEZ Andrea VERNEROVA December 9, 2003 TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ……………………………………………………………… 3-5 Chapter I: HISTORY ……………………………………………………………… 6 -9 Chapter II: EXTERNAL ANALYSIS ……………………………………………….9-15 A. Industry Life Cycle B. Industry Dynamics C. Porter’s Five Forces D. Global Competition E. National Context F. Opportunities and Threats Chapter III: INTERNAL ANALYSIS ………………………………………………16-23 A. Competitive Advantage B. Distinctive Competencies C. Strategies D. Four Building Blocks E. Strengths F. Weaknesses G. Image Chapter IV: BUSINESS-LEVEL ………………………………………………………23-28 A. Business Level Strategy B. Issues in Differentiation C. Targeting Customer Needs D. Market Segmentation E. Differentiation of Quality F. Differentiation in World G. Advantages of Differentiation H. Impact of Strategy Chapter V: VALUE CHAIN ……………………………………………………… 28-34 A. Value Chain B. Product Technology C. Impact of National Context of Industry D. Response to Differences Among Nations E. Global Dimensions of Strategy Chapter VI: CORPORATE-LEVEL STRATEGY ………………………………………. 35-41 A. Fedex Corporation B. Express C. Ground D. New Offerings E. Horizontal Integration F. Vertical......

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