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International Newspaper Report
NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement is a trade bloc between the countries in North America, which are the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This agreement is very helpful when it comes to importing and exporting between these countries. Joining the trade agreement with the United States and Canada was a very smart decision for Mexico from a business standpoint. Mexico looks a lot better to other countries when they are trading with such great countries like the United States and Canada. The article “NAFTA: Learning to Deal with Thy Neighbor” talks about whether the North American Free Trade Agreement is working well between the countries or not. The overall emphasis of the report says that NAFTA has a positive effect on those countries involved, some more than others, but overall it is a positive thing. The leader of international affairs realized that free trade was the solution to the trade deficit, because it makes it much easier to trade between countries therefore more trading will go on between those countries. The article refers to specific sectors that are affected by such things as trade and NAFTA. The first of these sectors is economic. The fact that imports and exports of merchandise trade have rose to over $900 billion each year between the countries just goes to show that NAFTA is doing great things for the economy. The author states that this is great for the economists, but what about the manufacturers? This brings us to the next sector, the manufacturers. Considering the rest of the world’s debt situations Mexico is in pretty good shape when looking at NAFTA numbers. The trade is almost in balance when the surpluses and deficits are calculated between the countries, whereas a lot of countries have a huge deficit in trade with the countries around them. Some of these are even very…...

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