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Target Audience: American citizens that concern about the role and impact of international students to the economy.
Having International Students, Gain or Loss to U.S. Economy?
The fame of the United States for education attracts many international students to this country every year. Besides being a good host, a portion of American citizens does not realize great contributions that international students bring to the economy. Moreover, there are even worries and complaints that international students are taking jobs away from domestic citizens after the President extended the time for international students to remain in the U.S. “the change could hurt U.S. job-seekers by making them compete against more foreign graduates” (“Obama”). Therefore, people who hold similar ideas believe it is better to diminish the flow of international students. “Community colleges and small state colleges especially should resist the lure of the foreign student market” (Vaughan). All of these misunderstandings neglect the positive role of these students and may harm the country in the long term. Reasonably speaking, international students play a crucial part in America’s economy and should not intimidate qualified job seekers. Providing education to international students is the lowest risk export. As data collected from the U.S Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, education ranked the third in U.S trade in private services in 2009 (Ward). In other words, education can be considered as a special service in which American educational institutes are suppliers and international students are consumers. However, unlike transportation, financial consulting or insurance, which most suppliers have to bring their services to other countries, schools and colleges located right in America and students from foreign countries will need to relocate to obtain the “service”. That…...

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- To establish a medium for cultural exchange between the students/faculty/staff and the community as a whole.
- To promote international support, assist the foreign students/visitors in establishing social contacts.
- To provide programs for cultural, social and educational exchange. The International Students Organization (ISO) of the University of Mississippi has been formed out of the need for more interaction between International students on the campus. Article I. Name

The Official Name of the organization shall be


Article II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a platform for social interaction among international students and help new international students adapt themselves to the Ole Miss community.

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