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Discussion on the Problem of
Online Game Addiction

After 30 years of development, the internet has become one of the most influential technical achievements of 20th century, which has had an crucial impact on all walks of life. Nowadays, internet technology and its application has become an important indicator of measuring comprehensive national power.

As we know, Internet offers many conveniences. As a result ,it has made many people depend on it. What is worse, a large number of people have become addicted,especially to online game addiction.By2007,the population of online gamers worldwide was about 217 million, approximately 28 percent of the total online population(comScore,2007).In addition, online game addiction is prevalent in many countries, including China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, U.S., and Canada. In South Korea,2.4 percent of the population, ages nine to thirty-nine, were believed to be addicted to online games, and over 10 percent could be classified as obsessive gamers(Faiola,2006).

In this essay, firstly I will talk about how the internet applies to daily life and alters modern life. Then list the problems which occurred with the development of internet. After that ,I will analysis the reasons why they are addicted to online games. Finally, I put forward the impact and suggestions for solving the problem.

The internet influences every part of our daily life, it includes the patterns of doing business activities, and the uses for recreation such as sending an email to your business partner, paying water and electricity bills, reading another city’s newspaper ,or possibly looking up the program lists—all of them are related to the internet. Internet is a communication system, which brings a lot of information to a home. It is a great source of information and is also known as the super information highway because it is the top source that…...

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