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The invention of the Internet has created more problems than it has solved. Most people would have a higher quality of life had the Internet never been invented. From your perspective, is this accurate observation? Why or why not? Explain, using reasons and examples from your experience, observations and reading.

The Internet at present time became a very important part of our life. It is the largest source of any information and a good communication channel. However some people think that the Internet does not improve quality of our life. Instead of help people get losses and other troubles.
Let’s analyse advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. For instance, it is open for everyone who has a computer and modem. Thanks to modern technologies people receive very cheap channel to communicate via e-mail service or skype program and do shopping.
Second, the Internet opened doors for new businesses like e-commerce and internet banking. Many people are involved in the Internet industry which accumulates huge revenues. IT companies’ stocks became one of the most popular investment tools due to high yield and rapid development.
Moreover, the Internet is the richest source of information. There is no longer a need to go to the library and to spend hours for research, just open Google and you can find any information.
On the other hand, the Internet is very often used for illegal aims like criminal activity or illegal broadcasting of adult movies. Criminals can steal confidential business and private information over the internet. The Internet very often includes incorrect information and some sites show violence. As a result, the Internet can destroy moral principles, construct erroneous perception of life and damage our children’s outlook.
The other negative side of the rapid development of the Internet is that many people spend hours in the virtual world,…...

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