Is America Ready for a Female President

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Is America ready for a female president?
I fell as though America is ready to elect a woman into office giving many reasons. I believe that a woman can, just as well as a man be a successful president of the United States. As it says in the declaration of independence, “all men are created equal.” In this case I say,” all men are created equal.” And, since all men and women are created equal, women deserve a chance to be president. Lots of women are much better with politics than some men in the u.s there are also quite a few women who are more than willing to travel to create peace and harmony. One of the main reasons the president was never a woman is, some people refuse to stand up for what they believe in
Having a woman president would be very reasonable. Women are very strong in nature, determined and no less intelligent than men. Women have been repressed for a long period of history. Only recently have women started to gain respect as equals and individuals. However, even today they are still looked down upon for their gender. The power differential between men and women still manifest in our society. Although men are considered to be the stronger sex women are enduring physiologically. It has always been argued that women are not strong enough to do certain jobs, to accomplish and succeed, First, equal right is necessary Lot of the women have the courage and patience to give birth to her child and sacrifice her personal career, social life, and beauty for a period of long time maybe for 10 or more years staying home or her life time, to take care and nurture her child to make sure her child could grow up healthily and safely, or maybe successfully with her day in and day out of trying hard works. A female president has the experience to take care of her country people like taking care of her child, So far, male presidents just like to control, to out…...

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