Is It a Good Time to Talk?

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“Hello Sir, this is Sandy. Is it a good time to talk?”

“Well sure it is, but I won’t waste this time talking to a hopeless call centre agent. Please leave me alone and don’t bother calling again.”

Sandeep hated his job. He hated his new name Sandy. He had even started loathing himself. Everything about his life was so predictable that he sometimes wondered if it was worth waking up to that mundane routine everyday. He was an employee of a reputed call-center in Bangalore – the IT capital of India. A member of the ‘outbound’ team, he was required to make calls for ‘inquiring’ on behalf of an insurance company. An inquiry would mean politely asking the irate obnoxious customer if he was interested in insuring all the trivial things he had collected in his life, or even the most futile of them all – his life. He was so used to being badmouthed by the clients that if someone did not do so he suspected him of homosexuality. He had been trained to receive such bad-mouthing sportingly. The counselors had told him, “Be kind, for you never know, they might be fighting a tougher battle. Actually they are not angry on Sandeep the person. They are irritated by Sandy the tele-caller.” They told him that in his job, more than in any other, it was indispensable to follow the tenets of Gita, the holy book. He was supposed to detach himself from the results of his action to rise above all self-condemnation.

There were a few customers who would express an outright interest in his pitch. These were the customers whose mobile numbers he would forward to the sales team. In call-centre terminology, Sandeep would make ‘inquiries’ and generate ‘leads’ for the sales team. He often wondered how was it that even after generating so many leads his life was not leading him anywhere. The dots did not seem…...

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