Is Spy Cams Use in Organization Ethical or Unethical

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Is spy cams use in organization ethical or unethical?

It is practically impossible to avoid crime today and even more impractical to believe that you will never be affected in some way or the other. Trusting is out of the question and people have become dependent on security alarms. The images from the spy camera can be transferred onto a PC or laptop which allows the viewer to pause and rewind as and when the need arises. A spy camera is useful in business organizations. Over the years, the demand for these cameras has increased which has added to the list of companies that manufacture them. A spy camera is very popular in business organizations as proprietors are always looking to ensure whether the employees are working well ,making it impossible for a third party to find it.

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But the question is spy cams use in organization ethical or unethical?

It is unethical

• It is unethical as employee being unaware that they are being intentionally monitoring. • personal information of employee is not secure • Employees don’t know that their performance is evaluated through spy camera.

It is ethical

• One should take spy cameras seriously so as to avoid a illegal activities in organization • See the employee break the rules of organization • To ensure the security • Complete and fool-proof security system • Make sure to do a background check on the company representatives. • Save time for performance evaluation of any employee • Organizations know how an employee deal with customers • Organization must keep the record when and where their resources have been use • Stopping inventory theft to protecting employee belongings from petty theft in the workplace. • A cost-efficient method for the security of an…...

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