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The same sex marriage has surfaced and will consume a lot of popular attention long into the future. Included in the discussion thus far are basic attitudes towards sexuality, buttressed by law. The institution of marriage is seen to be under attack. Thirty-eight states have defense of marriage acts and the American notion of Federalism may require that differing state laws hold to preserve the competence of the states. New York State may continue to refuse to perform gay marriages, while it may recognize these marriages performed elsewhere. Any definition of marriage will remain rooted in semantics—a present one centers on the union of a man and a woman which cannot be seen otherwise and remains the most fundamental unit of civilization. The real nature of marriage is a binding commitment that is legal, social and personal between two people who take on special obligations to one another. It is argued by some that gay marriage would not weaken the institution of marriage, but that gays would add social stability as the number of couples that take on real, rather than passing commitments, grows. Marriage would remain important in its obligation, commitment and social recognition. Two points are worthy of comment. The age group of 18 to 29 year olds supports gay marriage ( 55 to 61%), while those over 65 do not ( 18 to 21%) [according to a CBS News/ NY Times 2003 poll]. This in part, reflects generational shifts in the understanding of marriage itself. The second point is more sobering. The weakening of marriage to date has been done by heterosexuals—in infidelity, the divorce rate, and the growth of single-parent families. Continued debate on this issue may shed light on our notions and attitudes and understanding of marriage itself.

In terms of organization, the family system in the United States emphasizes monogamy, neolocal residence, a modified-extended…...

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