Islamic Dress Codes

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Islamic Dress Codes

Summary of Text 2

Text 2 is written by Arifa Akbar and Jerome Taylor and is a text about the problems that occur when you're "wearing your religion on your sleeves". The headline itself already tells us what the text is all about. It's clearly noticeable that this text is about Islam and Muslim women who wear their headscarves, veils, hijab etc. In the first part of the text we get a short but very clear and accurate summary of the problems and issues of having to wear a veil or any other Islamic dress that is supposed to cover your face, hair etc. Not to mention the questions being raised by the abolitionists. Rahmanara Chowdhury who is a 29 year old woman tells us her story and experiences with the hijab. Rahmanara's sisters and herself were already from a young age taught about hijab. Unlike her sisters she began to understand the spiritual reason behind the veil much more as she grew up. She was the first one in the family who had made the decision to wear a veil, and yet she was accepted by everyone. She thought she would have problems while interacting with people or doing group work in university, but it quite the opposite happened; she discovered that it was much easier to interact with people while wearing the veil. She would get a couple of stares every now and then, but it never bothered her.

Text 1 is a short story about the former British minister and his experience with Islamic dresses. At first he found it very strange to talk "face-to-face" with a person you can't actually see, except their eyes. He felt very uncomfortable at first, but then he started asking women nicely if they could take the covering from their face, because he would feel more relaxed if he could actually see their face. Each time he asks the women if they could uncover their face, they seem more relieved.

Text 2…...

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