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Information Technology used in Barnes & Noble
Marco Colon
March 18, 2013
Keyaan Williams

Information Technology used in Barnes & Noble
Thesis Statement
Barnes & Noble is the nation’s largest book seller and operates one of the top online bookselling operations controlling a solid 30% of the e-book market. However, because ecommerce markets are highly competitive, Barnes & Noble needs to develop a more effective strategy in order to gain customer’s loyalty and maintain the company’s image. As more people turn to e-books, Barnes & Noble needs new IT tools that access and process information faster and provide internal and external information reports that can help the company track processes with more detail. Because the internet has now surpassed all other communication methods, Barnes & Noble has implemented different platforms and collaboration tools to help improve the way they interact with retailers and customers.

Barnes & Noble utilizes information technology to develop and use databases to keep track of the products that it sells as well as to track information related to customer loyalty and customer information. The databases are used to extract customer information to communicate with customers via various means of communication technologies via the internet. Barnes & Noble also uses databases to track internal information and internal processes as they relate to tracking sales statistics and product stocking requirement. Internal communications are also performed through the use of an intranet network that is accessible only to employees. These company functions are all possible through the use of hardware and software technologies to support its operations. Because Amazon is slowly gaining an edge in overall book sales, Barnes and Noble needs to evaluate the use of IT processes to…...

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