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SLDC vs. JAD vs. RAD
Methodologies of Software Development

Kaplan University
IT460 – System Analysis and Design

From my reading I learned that Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) follows a pretty general process that is used by a lot of project managers. The whole purpose of SDLC is to create a better product than is planned for while meeting time and cost figures (Tutorials Point). the Chief Information Officer (CIO) asked to look at a couple of methodologies. The two methodologies are JAD (Joint Application Development) and RAD (Rapid Application Development). JAD (Joint Application Development) is a methodology where you use the client and end users at different points during the project (Rouse, 2007). By using this methodology some of the advantages are that in a short time frame you can gather and consolidate a big amount of information. Another benefit is that you can look at many points of view on the project and can resolve discrepancies in a timely manner (n.d.). Some disadvantages of JAD (Joint Application Development) it takes a lot of planning and scheduling and this will also require a lot of time from the stakeholders. Another disadvantage is that people that are working on the project have to be trained and experienced with what the project requires. RAD (Rapid Application Development) is a methodology that is focused on producing software quickly. This is done by using prototypes that have been established before and uses tools that are specifically designed to produce software. The biggest thing is that this methodology is focused on producing a prototype and not a full application (Janssen). Some of the advantages of the RAD methodology are that it decreases the overall development time because you are integrating right from the beginning. You also get the advantage of being able to reuse a lot of the software…...

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