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Italian Boss’s Mistress
Lynne Graham

Chapter One

“Wrecked!” screamed the caption beneath the photo of a woman being bundled, glassy eyed into the back of a police car.

“Checosachafacenda ?”His black eyes glittering, Giovanni threw down the newspaper and turned to his spin doctor. “Let’s hope this is the last of it.”

“You’ve spoken to the police?” asked Lucas.

“Si.The lawyers say charges will be dropped if she goes into rehab,” Giovanni said grimly. “She’s finally accepted that she has a problem. ButMadre diDio — it has taken long enough!”

After years of denial, his fragile step-sister had taken the first, tentative step on the road to recovery. But despite the sunshine that streamed through the windows of his beautifulLondonhouse, Giovanni couldn’t shake off his disquiet.

“But what the hell do I do now?” he questioned, his dark features hardening as he anticipated the troubles ahead. “How do I stop the snappers from camping outside the clinic and bribing patients to sell gossip? My sister needs protecting from the sharkswho inhabit her world, and God knows there’s nobody else looking out for her.”

“We need to kill the story,” said Lucas, quietly.


“We give the press an even bigger one.A diversionary tactic.”

Giovanni narrowed his eyes. “And what could be bigger than this?”

“You are.”

“Explain,” Giovanni said tersely.

“They want a story about your fabulously glamorous family.”

“And fabulously cursed,” echoed Giovanni sardonically. “Don’t forget that.”

Lucas shrugged. “Drugs are big, but you’re one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. Your engagement story would wipe everything else off the front page.”

“Engagement story?”Giovanni sat down and stretched out his long legs as he studied his spin doctor thoughtfully. “What black arts are you concocting now, Lucas?” he murmured.


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