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Creative accounting, as a matter of approach, is not objectionable by itself.
However, when unethical elements make intrusion, the resultant accounting details become anything but true and fair. Creativity in such context is like referring to a half glass of water as half-full instead of describing it as half empty. While both statements are factually correct, they paint different picture and thus convey different images. Creativity in company accounting may arise under at least three different financial market conditions. The first is when a company floats its shares to attract investors to subscribe to such shares either at par or at a premium, depending on the financial market evaluation of the company’s future prospects. The second is when the company whose shares are already listed in a stock exchange, wants to paint an attractive picture of its financial conditions so that the shares may be quoted at a premium. Finally, a company having its shares listed in the stock exchange may declare and pay high dividends based on inflated profits through overvaluation of assets, undervaluation of liabilities and change in systems of stock valuation that may boost the image of the company at least in the short run. Unethical considerations in creative accounts have developed to such depths that terms like fraud audit and forensic accounting have gained currency and are becoming new professions. Accounting practitioners and auditors are increasingly required to appear in courts for deposition

This paper is an outcome of a study of Creative Accounting in Bangladesh and global perspectives. Global scenario is included in the study to illustrate the extent of creative accounting practice. Creative accounting could be a blessing or a curse. It is a blessing where something new is introduced to refine the accounting system and therefore becomes an addition…...

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