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Jack London

The life experiences of John Griffith, or more commonly known as Jack London, are portrayed throughout his many stories. His stories reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the living creature (be it more or beast). Jack London began his adventures at a very early age. Born out of wedlock and into a poverty-ridden family he learned to find ways of escaping the dull routine of work. At the age of ten London was selling newspapers to supplement the family income. He labored in canneries, mills, doing laundry and shoveling coal so that he could support his family. Between the laborious chores of earning a living London also had numerous adventures when he tried the other side of the law. The adventures started when he buys himself a small skiff and teaches himself to sail but the pressures of home life take that away from he and he is forced to work at a cannery starting at the tender age of 14. Even at that age Jack London still had continuous thoughts of writing for a living. At the age of 15 London is tired of the low wages and the back breaking work of the factory and decides to take matters into his own hands. He sails out to become an Oyster pirate with the ship “The Razzle Dazzle” that he purchases with money borrowed from Virginia Prentiss. The title “Prince of the Oyster Pirates” is soon given to him, but he soon becomes disillusioned with the rough life and decides to change to the other side of the law again. The next year he joins the Fish Patrol to stop the pirating of the oyster fields. He does not find that to his liking either. His main thought is to get money anyway that he can, legal or illegal, and still have all the adventures he craves. London signs on as a sailor at the age of 17, on the schooner ‘Sophia Sutherland’, for seven month of sealing along the coast of Japan and the Behring Sea.…...

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