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James here is your average everyday welder. James is a strong well built man with short hair and a amazing flowing beard.Who lived in New York City in a really small apartment with his family of 4 himself, his wife, their one kid and James's grandmother. he loves doing what he does goes to work happy and leave with a smile everyday. But you see James has a family of his own and well they struggle with funds because James has an issue he is terrible at welding so he never gets payed enough to keep his family going. - [ ] You see James really does try for his family and he just really doesn't want to quit his job he to him he is doing amazing because he still manages to keep food on the table. But to his family they were suffering because of his happiness. They are not all happy with where they live in that small apartment in New York City
- [ ] They all went to bed that night and when James woke up he couldn't move as easily as he could before. Then his beautiful wife Candice woke up screaming wondering why in the world there is a beetle laying next to her instead of her husband!
- [ ] As Candice goes to smack away at James he tries to scream "Candice it's me" but no words could come out of James mouth Candice smacks James and he went flying across the room and he hit the edge of his nightstand knocking the wind from his lungs. He lays there under the bed for at least and hour before he finally regains his thoughts and breath.

While James lays there under the bed thinking to himself not only did he mentally feel like a vermin to his family he know physically became a beetle and if that doesn't make it bad James can't go to work today! James sits there thinking how is he family going to survive when he is the only one that makes the money. His grandmother Janice is too old to work in her health conditions. And his daughter Stacie is to young to even…...

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