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Jefferson’s Purchas and the United States Government
The Louisiana Purchase was a great event in the history of the United States. From this one act the size of the nation was more than doubled and one of the greatest enemies of America, “Napoleon” was removed as a threat. More than ever, the Louisiana Purchase was the greatest achievement of the president Thomas Jefferson. Because adding the new territory to the United States Jefferson held new land for the expansion of future Americans. Also, Jefferson felt that the purchase of Louisiana would ensure the rustic nature of the United States and prevent the degeneration which had befallen classical Republican governments. Jefferson was sure that the Louisiana territory would promote the development of an honorable Republican population. Due to these reasons I will show how Jefferson was justified in his purchasing of the Louisiana territory.
Napoleon Bonaparte’s decision to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States doubled the size of the USA and secured the port of New Orleans. This expanded trade for states bordering the Mississippi. Napoleon must have started to realize he would have quite a battle on his hands if he were to advance troops on the soil of North America. Louis-Andre Pichon was in charge of all general affaires to the United States from 1801 to 1805. He sent regular messages to Napoleon regarding the feelings of Americans on various topics of French interest, especially ones dealing about the Louisiana Territories. The Americans were passionately opposed to any French colonization west of the Mississippi. Pichon understood that the United States would fight hard to win that territory should the French claim it. Pichon knew that the American population was growing very fast. The pressure to expand west would eventually happen no matter what. These reports surely had a great influence on…...

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