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Owing to the rising number of traffic accidents nationwide, the Vietnamese Ministry of Transportation has put forth a proposal that all urban traffic participants have to wear helmets to prevent possibly deadly damage to their heads. Since the proposal was first revealed, it has not only won some support but also battled doubts and disinterest from the public.

Supporters assert that people should wear a helmet when driving for the sake of their own safety and others'. A helmet helps prevent further damage to driver's head, which might lead to serious brain hurt or instant death, when he or she lands in an accident. Statistics on victims of traffic accidents who stayed alive thanks to wearing helmets has lent credence to their claim. Moreover, wearing a helmet also serves as a protection of all family members' life. A loss of one member more or less poises a serious threat to family's bonds, relationships and happiness. A whole family will be in grave peril if the breadwinner - the main member supporting that family - is lost owing to traffic accident.

However, critics say that this proposal will do little to enhance the grave traffic situation in Vietnam. The real benefit in wearing helmets is usually the main bone of contention. Helmets, some argue, will provide a limited and unclear view - not to mention decreased hearing ability - for those who use them. And, this might even lead to more drivers’ mishandling in streets and finally, more traffic accident. Further, lack of convenience is also a frequently used reason for not approving this proposal. It is not comfortable at all to bring along a helmet to schools, universities, markets or workplaces. When the weather is either scorching hot or heavily rainy, it will be an undesirable experience to wear a helmet all the time out of the street.

In sum, this proposal needs a thorough and meticulous…...

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