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Job Fair Brochure

Rhonda Holt


Axia College of University of Phoenix

The structure of my company is a sole-proprietorship. I am the only owner of the business. One reason that I chose my business to be a sole-proprietorship is because it is the simplest form of business (Chapter 2, p.57, ¶4). Another reason is that I do not want to be liable for anyone else’s money that they have put into the company. By being the only owner, I take all financial risks. Because of this choice, one impact could be if someone sued me, the person would be suing me, not my business. By this, I mean that my “I will not have the benefit of having my personal assets protected separately from those of the business” (Edwards, 2005). Another impact would be that the money I earn would be mine; I will not have to share it with other owners. My business model of my small business is that I make gift baskets of all kind for others to enjoy; I make baskets for all occasions for customers of all ages. I am making a product for other people’s enjoyment in the hopes of making a profit. I will also be selling teddy bears, roses with gold tips and the actual basket for those who want to make their own baskets; also some jewelry for some custom made baskets. I selected this element because I am a for-profit organization, which means that I am in business to make a profit. The impact of this would be that if I run my business correctly, I would make a decent profit, and then be able to open other stores like this one in other areas. If I do not run my business to make a profit, I will not be able to expand because I will not be making a profit. My business culture will be to treat my customers’ as I would like to be treated. All employees will greet the customers with a smile. We will be friendly with all customers. We will run our business in an honest way, and not charge…...

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