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In this essay I will write a Reflection Journal consisting of what I have learned from the assigned content of the “Internship Prep Seminar” course I have taken this semester. I will summarize what I have learned from each part of this course, and how I feel I will benefit from each topic.
The first area I will discuss is the Personal Strengths Assessment, and how to “sell” these to potential employers in the competitive job market. I feel that taking an assessment of myself was a helpful tool in that it made me reflect upon myself, and the evaluate what I feel are my strengths are in regards to my employability. Once my strengths were identified, it made it easier for me to focus on these characteristics of myself and think of how I can sell or make them known to a potential employer, which I feel important in the job market of today to help me possibly stand out from other job seekers.
The next area discussed was Resume development. I thought this was another important topic for the class, as it helped me to learn how to develop and construct a professional style resume. The topic helped me to decide what experiences and education to include in my resume, and in what order to list these. I feel a professional style resume is a key component in job seeking, as it shows a level of professionalism and clearly states what I can offer to an employer. To go hand in hand with the resume development, we also developed cover letters. The cover letter I feel gives a more personal feeling to your job seeking as it is a chance for you to express yourself and what you feel you can provide to an employer, it can also give an employer a sample of your writing style and allows you to show a professional demeanor and style.
The next topic I will discuss is references and thank you letters. References are an important area to focus on in your job hunt, as it is important to…...

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