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Virtual Reality
It is a computer-simulated reality. Also, a fast-growing area of artificial intelligence that had its origins in efforts to build more natural, realistic, multisensory human-computer interfaces. So, it relies on multisensory input/output devices.Current application of virtual reality is computer aided design ( CAD )
VR Limitations * It seems limited only by the performance and cost of technology. Ex. Some of VR users develop cybersickness such as eyestrain and motion sickness * Another limitation is the cost of VR system
Intelligent Agents
They are growing in popularity as a way to use artificial intelligence routines in software to help users accomplish many kinds of tasks in e-business and e-commerce. They are software surrogate for an end user or a process that fulfills a stated need or activity. They are also called software robots or bots because of special purpose knowledge-based information systems that accomplished specific tasks for user
They are growing rapidly as a way to simplify software use, search websites on the internet and corporate intranets, and help customers do comparison shopping among the many e-commerce sites on the web. They are becoming more necessary.Intelligent agents like those in Ask Jeeves help you find information in a variety of categories from many online sources
Expert System
It is a knowledge-based information system that uses in knowledge about specific, complex application area to act as an expert consultant to end users.It provides answers to questions in a very specific problem area by making humanlike inferences about knowledge contained in a specialized knowledge base.Knowledge base contains facts about a specific subject area and heuristics that express the reasoning procedures of an expert on the subject
Methods of knowledge Representations * Case based reasoning – representing knowledge…...

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