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Real Essays From Stanford Medical Students

Comments Regarding Plagiarism
The essays contained within this document were written by current Stanford medical students and have been carefully read and reviewed by file reviewers, interviewers, and admissions staff and officers at Stanford Medical School as well as dozens of other medical schools across the country. We must emphasize that you need to be honest in writing your personal statements. If you borrow material or use quotes from other sources, make sure to credit them appropriately. Not giving credit where it is due is not only disastrous to your essay, but it is also illegal. Admissions officers read hundreds, and even thousands of personal statements each year, and have developed a fine tune sense for detecting plagiarism as well as remembering the essays they’ve read. You owe it to yourself to be hones, open, and sincere in writing your personal essay as it is a reflection of yourself and what is important in your life and your decision to pursue a career in medicine.

Stanford Essays
The following essays were written by real Stanford medical students in preparing their applications. We suggest that you read through all of the essays to get a diverse view of the types of themes and styles which have been successfully used for personal statements. Each personal statement is exactly that, personal. No one format or style will work for everyone. However, there are structures and themes which are common throughout. These essays are meant to give you an in depth look inside previous applicants’ writing and what has gone into their decisions to enter the field of medicine. All essays are presented in their original format, unaltered. In certain cases, personal identifiers have been removed to protect the privacy of the essay writer. These essays are meant to be a learning tool for you as well as…...

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...She lives in Clifton with her boyfriend Josh and she is 6 months pregnant and having a baby boy. Lisa looks like an all American beauty long black curly hair, tan skin, nose piercing and a small butterfly tattoo on her lower back. She is 20 years old, her race is Italian and her great grandparents from Italy and they came here to America in 1940. Lisa is very flashy she wears designer clothes, bags and lots of makeup. Lisa and I are very different but the same. She comes from a good family I come from a good family. She has two little brothers and I’m an only child. But there is something that Lisa and I are extremely different and that is she is pregnant and living with her boyfriend with no help from her parents. I don’t have neither baby, boyfriend and I’m still living home with my parents. When Lisa was in high school a month after she graduate she went to a party at her friend’s house and their she met the love of her life his name is Josh. Josh is African American, good looking, smart funny and outgoing. When she was telling me the stories about her and Josh I said how you guys make the perfect couple I wish I had a relationship like you guys. She said yeah of course but everything is not so perfect. I said why what happen? So a few months back before Lisa and Josh met he had got in trouble with the law but he didn’t it was not his fault or he didn’t know nothing about this he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. One night josh was just at home relaxing watching......

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