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Formal Problem Statement

Problem: Increase in workload during the last two weeks of the month.
Objective: Allocate Distribute workload equally through out the month.

Problem: When a customer’s falls in payment is more than a month behind, he/s/he will show up in separate monthly files.
Objective: Delinquent customer accounts should be should shownonly show up in one monthly file.

Problem: Duplicate late notices.
Objective: Dispatch only one delinquent letter, including the total late fees, to each delinquent member until dues are payed.

Problem: Complaint letters are being sent in error.
Objective: Complaint letters should not be sent when a case has been satisfactorily resolved.

Problem: Additionally iIncrease in workload and errors because of the possible company’s expansion in the future.
Objective: Develop system requirements in order that to meet future business requirements.

Formal Problem Definition

The majority of the problems, as they are described in the formal problem statements, have mainly to do with clerical and recording errors. There is an increase in workload the last half of each month. This problem occurs because the fees of seven of the associations, (which represent approximately 1800 customers, ) fees are due on the first of the month. This situation causes problems to the other office procedures (such as, the tracking and follow-up of the complaint letters) in that time period. The employees have a lot of work to do preparing and processing the dues payments whichpayments, which results in the delayed or incomplete process of the rest assignments. Another problem arises when delinquent customers will show up in separate monthly files if they fall inare delinquent for more than one month. Thus,…...

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