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case study 9 facts: Money4U finance ltd. is a company with a burocratic System and it is not a learning organization.
HR is not considered very important in the company
Sam Mulgrew Head of Human Resources is not into PM (performance management) and consider it a waste of time. his Assistant Sandy is very much into new tendencies of Human Resources Management. The state manager: Peny Wise give 3 months period to Sam to Tailor a PM plan to all leves of organisation. 1. How do you think Sam should go about revamping perfomance Management at MOney4u the first thing that should be changed is the performance appraisal (the answer hit in the guideline) so using the table 9.1 of page 265 and application 9.1 page 264 how can sam go about changing performance Appraisal. the first thing that has go away is the ''quick chat, tick the boxes'' thing. Sam says that he knows who has poor performance and high performance in the company, but to change the approach then he needs to focus more on HOW the employees Achieve their goals, taking into account the efforts they make rather that checking the results, so in resume a more QUAlitative review rather than Quantitative. in the burocratic system the feedbacks are from the managers towards the staff, so now they need to include the staff in the feedback, from from co-workes, customers and managers as well. it will be a 360 degree Feedback. setting the new goals for the staff that are achiveable, because performance can only be analyzed if there is a point of reference to compare, in this case the goals, at different terms, goals at individual level and at group level and at organizational level. and appraisal most be done based on the ways the staff worked on achieving such goals.

Performance appraisal elements | Elements | Traditioanl approaches | Newer approaches | Purpose |…...

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