Journey from My Past to My Future

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Journey from My Past to My Future
Alicia Gomez
PSY 202
Kendra Nicole Hope-Moore
July 29, 2013

I. Where are you from? A. From the South B. Laredo, Texas
II. What was your family like? A. I am the fourth of the family

B. Strong Catholic family

C. Had our ups and downs

III. Who were the important people in your life? A. My parents

B. My older sister

C. My uncle
IV. What things do I remember about my childhood? A. Hearing my parents fight

B. Holidays

C. Going to the lake

D. Being sick
V. What are your Personal, Professional, and academic goals? A. Academic goals are to gain my Associates and Bachelor’s B. Professional goal is to have my own day care

Journey from My Past to My Future I had dreams of going to college right after high school, but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. In this paper, you will know some of my experience in life that I had to go thru to get where I am at this time in life. Reading the adult development theories in this class made me learned more in life. There is a goal that I want to accomplish in the future. I grew up in Laredo, Texas south of the border. When I say south of the border is because there is a bridge that separates Mexico and the United States. The city of Laredo, Texas and the surroundings areas have seen their population jump almost a third, to 172,000, between 1990and 1995. Much of this is tied to Laredo’s position as the business crossing point on the US – Mexico border. Sullivan, JL. (March 1997) page 1. My mother was born in Zapata, Texas and my dad was born in Laredo, Texas. Both of them went to the same high school and that’s where they met. They got married very young my dad went to World War II in Korea as soon as they got married. My mother had to stay with her mother in-law until my dad came…...

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