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The United States is a very diverse country in many ways. We are a country with many ethnic back grounds as well as racial ancestry. Over the years we have welcomed people from all around the world. Most reasons people left their native countries was too escape political or economic hardships. Most of the population came from immigrants that left England during the 17th century due to reasons of religious oppression. Most of us remember the problems between England and the 13 Colonies during the American Revolution. They left England because of high taxes or economic hardships. During the 18th and 19th centuries more than 60 million people had immigrated to the U. S. shores. Many of those people where drive by not only political or economic hardships. While people were drawn by the demand for workers, cheap land, and abundant natural resources that was available in what was called the New World. A world of opportunity to better themselves in ways that had become closed to them in their original area like; Germany or France; Europe was considered the Old Country.
I think Julie would explain to Jean-Paul the benefit of living in a free society, even though it is still considered capitalistic. A person has a better chance of making a better future. The only drawback would be the economy is still struggling in both U.S. and Belgium. So we need to work together as nations rather than being uncooperative when it comes to trade or global…...

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