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July 7th Brings Tragedy
Kortney Higgins

Eng 101 x-1
11, September, 2013

Higgins 1
On June 7, 2013, a Ford Focus struck an old beat up Dodge minivan about five miles south of Macomb. This evening was intended to be a wonderful night, with meatloaf, mac 'n cheese, and green beans for dinner, Kara's favorite meal. Tragedy got in the way of a terrific night's plans; my sister and her boyfriend just happened to be aboard that Ford Focus that evening.
“Ring, Ring, Ring.” I picked up to hear the voice of my ex- boyfriend, whom I had not spoken to in quite some time, and I instantly heard the panic in his voice. His cracky voice told me that my sister and Brandon had been in a severe car accident, and Brandon was okay, but Kara was being taken to McDonough District Hospital in Macomb by ambulance. “No, not my best-friend, or my big sister!” This news struck me with emptiness. I couldn't bare the thought of my sister being hurt, or not there at all anymore. Jack tried to keep me calm, and told me to not drive, and to stay put unless I found somebody to take me to her. I knew I had to get to that hospital , so I had my friends drive me. I tried getting hold of my parents, but I failed because they were in Florida, and were out for the night. It was a 30- minute drive, that felt like days. I couldn't keep from getting gruesome pictures in my head, and I couldn't stop thinking the worst had happened.
As we were driving to meet Kara at the small town hospital, cop cars were speeding by, with their flashing lights. One of them just happened to be the father of my sister's boyfriend, and he was exceeding the speed limit. We reached the hospital after 30 minutes of driving. When I arrived at the hospital I saw Brandon standing in a swarm of eager cops in front of the entrance to the hospital accompanied by three police officers who were doing an…...

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