Jungle Fever: the Journey of an Interracial Relationship

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Jungle Fever: The journey of an interracial relationship

The movie Jungle Fever is an excellent example of interracial relationships and the hate and bigotry they can create. The movie deals with people who have strong opinions and opposition towards interracial relationship and how bigotry comes into play in all this. The main characters of the movie are Flipper and Angie who are both of different races. Flipper being black lives in a community where anyone of different race especially whites are looked upon as different, especially if a relationship is involved. Flipper can’t be labeled as a bigot or someone who opposes interracial relationship, but all that changes once he meets Angie. Flippers surroundings and the difficulties that he goes through in his relationship with Angie turn flipper upside down and leads him to oppose interracial relationship and label him as a bigot. Flipper’s negative belief towards interracial relationship is all built and shaped by the community and other characters in the movie that Flipper comes in contact with that turn him into a bigot and make him oppose his own interracial relationship. Flipper has an affair with Angie and forms a secret interracial relationship with her. However, this was before the society, community, and the culture makes him question and ultimately reverse his decision regarding interracial relationship thus labeling him as a bigot. Once Flipper and Angie’s relationship is exposed to the society, that’s when we see Flipper starting to build a negative attitude towards interracial relationship. He starts to hear negative comments, remarks, and taunting because of his relationship with Angie. The first encounter happens when Angie and Flipper go out to dinner. In the movie we see the waitress ignoring Angie and Flipper by not taking their order because Flipper brought a white woman into the…...

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