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In a democratic country it is a prerequisite that all citizens get economic and social justice. The economically deprived people need either free or state sponsored legal assistance to get justice and fair trial. This will uphold human rights and equality. This is a component of rule of law for any society. It is not a charity, but a civil right of the citizens. It ensures equal protection of law.

In a situation where one of the parties to litigation belongs to a poor and deprived section of the community, and does not possess adequate social and material resources, is bound to be at a disadvantage as against a strong and powerful opponent under the century-oldjustice system. The laws of most nations recognise the equal status of all people before the law, the presumption of their innocence (until proven guilty) and their right to legal representation.

The Mobile Court, created to save time, reduce legal and other expenses, goes to the place of offence and provides justice speedily. Mobile Court is the best option today to get the lowest cost law services and fastest court judgment.

Developed countries are even considering introducing mobile phone SMS Law and Order coordination between lawyers, judge and common masses, web page and technical solution systems. Mobile Internet Devices of proposed SMS law and Order programming through e-court will be a most advanced justice delivery system at very low cost.

In 2007, Chief Justice of India inaugurated the mobile court as an endeavour to make the judicial system accessible to remote and backward areas and said, "People generally go to courts to getjustice but today with mobile courts, the courts will come to the people."

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