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Art requires hard work. Hard work, when used in a positive manner, produces something that is more than just a pretty piece, something that is worthy of being called a “work of art”. Ms. Liza’s “Mag-ina sa araw, tanghali, at gabi” is the set of works that really stood and caught my attention. According to her, the subject was a bul-ol she saw at an antique gallery. At first glance, it was just a common carving. But as you start staring at it, you’ll notice some really special features. The bul-ol is a woman. Bul-ols are usually created as male, having a godly representation. Having it represented unusually or breaking the stereotype could really catch the viewer’s attention and would get him interested into that piece. Femininity isn’t the only thing special about that wooden sculpture. It also includes a child being carried at the back by her mother, the woman bul-ol. When observed from the front, you wouldn’t immediately notice that thing clinging at her back, but instead, would think only of the rarity of having a woman bul-ol. As you gradually view it from a different angle, you would notice the child, giving you a sense of shock and some longing, wanting for some more surprises. Ms. Liza made three different views based from that woman bul-ol. The first is the “Mag-ina sa araw” where the woman is facing towards the viewer, not revealing the child. Some details supporting the idea of it happening in the morning were added at the top part where repujado is also applied. Same formats were also used to the two remaining works; “Mag-ina sa tanghali”, where the mother and child are in side view and are both visible, and “Mag-ina sa gabi”, where they’re facing away and showing only their backs. The three works in pewter were placed together on wood, thus acting as a thread, connecting the three pieces.
Being something unusual, breaking…...

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