Keeping Families Closer

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“Keeping families closer”

Super bowl commercials this year in 2012 were primary based on Beer, Cars, and other advertisement’s with a great deal of sexual appeal. However, the least prerogative commercial is the one that was most intellectual and heart hitting. The Ronald McDonald House Charity Corporation commercial stated that “When families stay closer, Children heal faster.” The skit in this commercial provided great imagery and a scenario that was actually true, making this commercial very effective. Thanks to this charity, more children are capable of healing faster and reaching better health.

The pathos of this commercial was heavily illustrated throughout the entire commercial, starting with the big, bright smiles of the mature individuals. These smiles of hope create the emotional effect, which help to capture the attention of the viewer. The scene of the child not only held the attention, but created the feeling of sympathy. This as well created the persuasion, to encourage people t to donate to the Ronald McDonald house charity, so that other sick children have the advantage to be cured. Lastly the music in this commercial gives a lot of power, the slow soft tone sung and the lyrics used are high effective of the creation feeling of sympathy.

The ethos in this commercial all tie back to Ronald McDonald. The statement “When families stay closer, children heal faster. The logos are the Ronald McDonald logo at the end and the statement” Ronald McDonald charities are happy to support kids with leukemia” Also the narrative voice.

At the end of the commercial, pathos, ethos, and logos all play a huge role in making this commercial effective. If one were missing, it would not be as persuasive. From the skit in the commercial, to the music, to the narrative sentences spoken, it all accumulates in the end to persuade the viewer to donate to…...

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