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Translated literally, it means headless combine
Keiretsu is a Japanese word which, translated literally, means headless combine. It is the name given to a form of corporate structure in which a number of organisations link together, usually by taking small stakes in each other and usually as a result of having a close business relationship, often as suppliers to each other. The structure, frequently likened to a spider's web, was much admired in the 1990s as a way to defuse the traditionally adversarial relationship between buyer and supplier. If you own a bit of your supplier, reinforced sometimes by your supplier owning a bit of you, the theory says that you are more likely to reach a way of working that is of mutual benefit to you both than if your relationship is at arm's length.
American trade officials, however, disliked Japan's keiretsu because they saw them as a restraint of trade. Jeffrey Garten, once under-secretary of commerce in charge of international trade and then dean of Yale School of Management, said that a keiretsu restrains trade “because there is a very strong preference to do business only with someone in that family”.
Despite its government's disapproval, corporate America liked the idea. Jeffrey Dyer wrote in Harvard Business Review in 1996 that Chrysler had created “an American keiretsu”. The company's relationship with its suppliers, which were reduced in number from 2,500 in 1989 to 1,140 in 1996, had improved to such an extent, claimed Dyer, that “the two sides now strive together to find ways to lower the costs of making cars and to share the savings”.
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At about the same time Richard Branson, founder of the UK's Virgin group, wrote in The Economist: “At the centre of our…...

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