Key Issues Hr Managers Face in Developing High Performance Working and How They Can Address These Issues

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The main Objective of this individual paper is to discuss several issues HR managers face in developing high performance working and how can they overcome these issues. This essay will have a brief introduction of the topic and a proper discussion of the issues the managers encounter while developing high performance and how they can address them. The essay will end with a satisfactory conclusion to the topic.

Issues HR Managers face and a solution to these issues regarding Developing High Performance working

The manner of the management of people at workplace contributes to the variation in organizational performance as it influences the performance returns of an organization. With the innovation of high performance working, it has been possible to select and retain workforce with greater focus on job involvement, where the level of performance is enhanced. Some of the critical areas addressed by the high performance working include human resource, work organization, employee relation, management and leadership within the organization (Belt & Giles 2009, p.41). In this regard, the human resource contributes immensely in the attempts to enhance workforce performance through appropriate management and improvement of motivational approaches adopted in the organization.
Initially, the human resource management has had to address issues regarding the compensation system offered to the workforce…...

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