Kidnapping Cases in Malaysia

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This has been all over Twitter and Facebook but just in case you haven’t heard about it yet…
Chin Xin-Ci was abducted at the Curve last Sunday evening and she managed to escape, thanks to her wits. I can only pray that other girls (that includes myself) can be as swift in action and thought. I don’t usually share stories like this (or the ones that go around on emails a lot) but this was just too close to home.
Please read her full account below, and SHARE it on FB.
As I sit here writing this, I am just so grateful to be alive.
To think that 30 hours ago I had a knife to my throat, face to face with the threat of being kidnapped and raped.
It was a Sunday, at 5.22PM. I was alone, walking towards my boyfriend’s car in level B2 of The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. He was not in town, and I was running errands with his car. Just as I was putting my shopping bags in the rear seat, the rear car door was slammed against my back, and a meat cleaver was pressed against my throat. A man covered my mouth with his hand, and whispered not to scream. He then shoved me onto the floor of the backseat of the car and waved the cleaver at me, reminding me not to scream. He was skinny, wearing a baggy turqoise blue t-shirt, had a thick moustache and short curly hair, approx 5’8″, mid-30s, and of Indian descent.
At this moment, second man appeared. He was also in his mid-30s. He was wearing a red t-shirt, had a crewcut, and was of Malay descent. He grabbed my car keys and demanded for my parking ticket. I couldn’t remember where it was. They shoved me deeper into the car, and the Indian man got into the back seat with me, while the Malay man got into the driver’s seat, driving us out of the carpark.
I told them they could take everything, just let me go. But at that point they didn’t even ask for money. Instead, the Indian man started to make sexual…...

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