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1. The term knowledge worker was coined by Peter Drucker in 1959. Basically, what his term says is that knowledge workers are typically professionals who are relatively well educated and who creates, modify, and/or synthesize knowledge as a fundamental part of their jobs. Furthermore, they are well paid because of the valuable real-world skills and the continuing learning of how to do their jobs in a superior manner; their career opportunities are much better because they make up about a quarter of the workforce in the United States and in others advanced nation, raising their numbers quickly. 3. The 10 factors that led Globalization 3.0 are: 1. The Fall of the Berlin Wall 2. The release of the Netscape Web Browser 3. Work Flow Software 4. Uploading 5. Outsourcing 6. Offshoring 7. Supply Chaining 8. In- Sourcing 9. In-Forming 10. The Steroids 4. Work Flow Software: a variety of software applications that allow software-to-software interaction. “The fall of the Berlin Wall, and thereby the downfall of communism, is one of the key events flattening the world. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War between communist and capitalist countries and the breakup of the Eastern bloc, freeing millions of people. At once, people in many former communist countries could enjoy greater freedom. For many companies, this meant a tremendous increase in potential customers as well as access to a huge, talented labor pool in the former Eastern bloc countries. Around the same time, Microsoft released the first version of the Windows operating system, which over time became the world standard in PC operating systems, enabling people from all over the world to use a common computing platform.” (ProProfs, 2005-2011)…...

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Vedi Prodotto | 1x12 ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. | Dexter (21)